Tabitha Sternberg Allen is the

Tabitha Sternberg Allen on Smart A Little has won the award for the highest point earning Youth, (up to 18 yrs old) in the UK for the American Quarter Horse Association Rookie of the Year. To Achieve this Tabitha had to compete in multiple classes and at multiple shows in disciplines as diverse as English style  Hunter classes, In hand classes and her favourite discipline of Reining. 13 yr old Tabitha was thrilled with her victory and said on hearing the news "Fury is such a good boy, he always gives his best and has been really great all year!" 
Tabitha has just started at her new senior school, St Leonards Mayfield, who have a very active and successful equestrian programme in Eventing and Jumping but who have also shown  her great support through an equestrian scholarship. Tabitha hopes to introduce some of the Mayfield riders to Reining in the future!

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